Established in 2016

From Bold Brewpub to Art Forward Craft Brewery

Lead Dog Brewing Logo

Lead Dog at it’s Finest

Lead Dog Brewing Company was born of creativity and innovation, quality craftsmanship, and dedication to Reno’s creative, misfit, and adventurous beer-loving community. We demand authenticity. We demand growth. Give us something brazen, something bold, something laced with danger and intrigue. We are on the hunt. What we seek lies out beyond the chartered rim; a quest to the shadowy places where the spirit of raw experience thrives. We hunger to sink our teeth into it, to draw out the jugular and howl at the moon.

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More About Us

A look into our 5th Anniversary bash! We love a good party and can’t wait till the 6th year celebration!

Our Values

Dedicated to the experience, Lead Dog Brewing has risen to become Nevada’s leading art-forward craft brewery, championing the creative spirit and producing award-winning, creative ales and lagers for beer lovers everywhere. Weary of the industry’s never ending roll out of me-too offerings, Lead Dog Brewing has instead built a portfolio fostered on a culture of new releases, producing over 30 rotational offerings—creative, progressive, and inspiring beers—which support our year-round, Core-Four product line. Additionally, Lead Dog promotes and advocates for the arts and artists of Northern Nevada, partnering with talented creatives who share our counter-cultural temperament and who support our mission of supporting creativity everywhere

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Creative but Unorthodox

Beer is fun – we know that and that’s why we push the boundaries of brewing to create unique, progressive styles for everyone to experience. 


We want every batch of Citra solo or even our one offs to taste exactly the same, no matter if you are sipping it out of a can in Reno, out of a draft line in Southern California, we want you to know you are having the best of the best.


We pride ourselves on quality above all else. We refuse to let beers sit on shelves for longer than they should. So thats why we keep em’ coming!

Building a Community for creatives

When an artist is on our label we don’t want their art to hide behind our brand, but to meld with it, overtake it. We want all artists to know that this brand is for them, the ones going out into uncharted waters, testing new things and moving the culture forward. 

Downtown Reno Brewery

415 4th Street | 89521 Join us at our Reno Brewery on 4th Street. Located in the heart of the self-proclaimed Brewery District, our taproom provides a more intimate space to enjoy beers. Come on by for weekly events like live music, art shows beer release parties and more. Want to book us for a private party? Contact us to for details. Mon-Thurs: 3-9pm Fri-Sat: 12pm-11pm Sunday: 12pm-6pm

Sparks Taproom

305 E Glendale Ave | 89431

The Sparks taproom is the heart of Lead Dog. It’s where we create all of your favorite beers and package them. Enjoy an after-shifter, watch our brewers hard at work in our large open-format taproom, or come meet our giant PUG, Pugsley the Lagering tank.

Monday-Friday: 12pm-8pm
Saturday: 2pm-8pm
Sunday: CLOSED