Gwendolyn Grime

Gwendolyn Grime

About the Artist

Gwendolyn is a Reno native and practices a variety of art forms. She etches glass and mirrors, paints traditional tattoo flash, sews and hand embroiders, writes, and is a hardcore doodler. She is also an avid rock climber and a youth climbing coach for Sierra Climbing Team. 

“I am heavily inspired by Traditional Tattooing, and love placing an emphasis on thick heavy lines, familiar shapes, nature, and bold imagery and colors. Thank you for looking.”

Gwendolyn was responsible for the design of our Ancho Paloma Sour can, be sure to check out some more of her work on her instagram!

Resident Artists

Reno, NV, USA

New Churro Please Cinnamon Stout

Go cast some spells in your weird space domain with this rich cinnamon-y ale.